Rage-face comics make up a bulk of reddit's most prolific running joke. The comics first rose to popularity on 4chan The faces used in the comics are often used to convey a specific meaning. Many faces have originated from reddit. The subreddit /r/fffffffuuuuuuuuuuuu (also known as f7u12) dedicated to such comics drastically grew in popularity in 2010 and was voted "Community of the Year 2010,"link in a reddit poll (it is argued that most of their votes came from themselves). F7u12 was probably the first meme-based subreddit on reddit. The subreddit uses a CSS stylesheet to incorporate the rage-faces in comments. The word F7u12 means 7 "F's" and 12 "U's".

There have been attemptsexample to catalog all of the faces with some kind of history, regarding which ones were created on reddit and which ones were created on 4chan.

It is worth mentioning that the f7u12 subreddit has been a beacon for attracting new traffic to reddit from 4chan and similar sites that share the rage-face comic recurring jokes.example